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WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th - 6PM - City Hall

This Wednesday, May 15 at 6 pm, the Treasure Island City Commission will meet to choose 3-5 finalists for the City Manager position based on additional information provided by the candidates and Strategic Government Resources. CVTI believes it is important for the Residents of Treasure Island to participate in the process.

The meeting will be held in the Commission Chambers at City Hall. If you are interested in learning more about the Semi-Finalists, please plan to attend.

Charles Anderson
Paul Brake
Taylor Brown
Patrick Comiskey
Kenneth Griffin
Lawrence McNaul
Jeff Mihelich
Scott Moye
James Slaton
Angela Stone
Cary Vargo

Thomas Yates

APRIL 28, 2024


As you may know, the Treasure Island City Commission held a meeting on Friday, April 19th to narrow the number of potential candidates for the open City Manager position. The number of potential candidates was reduced from 61 to 12. On May 15th, the remaining twelve candidates will be reduced to 3-5 finalists.

Citizens Voice of Treasure Island (CVTI) believes the following qualifications and experiences should be required when further narrowing the list of qualified applicants:

  • Experience working in Florida Government (minimum 5 years preferably 10 years)

  • Substantial and direct experience managing capital projects to successful outcomes (both new and existing infrastructure improvement projects)

  • Willing to commit to being an active member of the community including residing in Treasure Island

  • Experience promoting economic development and recruiting businesses.

  • Willing to make a long-term commitment to Treasure Island

  • Willing to listen to Treasure Island residents and put the TI residents’ wants/needs first.

  • Willingness to collaborate with Treasure Island residents to jointly develop a long-term vision for the city.

Please provide feedback to the Commissioners and/or Mayor.

City of Treasure Island Commissioners and Mayor:

Tyler Payne, Mayor - (727) 748-5062, email:

​Deb Toth, Commissioner District 1 – (727) 748-5178, email:

​John Doctor, Commissioner District 2 – (727) 340-0115, email:

Bob Minning, Commissioner District 3 – 727-748-6281, email:

​Arden Dickey, Commissioner District 4 – (727)748-6368, email:



To collaborate with the city of Treasure Island to achieve common sense leadership driven by integrity and the taxpayers. 



  •  To educate and advocate to ensure sound public policy for the citizens of Treasure Island

  •  To provide voter engagement, grassroots organizing and legislative advocacy to educate and engage the community in its purposes.

  •  To conduct research designed to better improve communications with the public.

  •  To gather, analyze and disseminate data and public opinion research needed to assist in reaching the goals of the organization.

  •  To serve as a core organization to bring together citizens and representatives of other organizations which have common goals.

  •  To conduct fundraising activities for the production of revenues adequate to carry out the purposes of the organization.


Citizens’ Voice of Treasure Island ·

PO BOX 67284, St. Pete. Beach, FL 33736

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