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About Citizens' Voice of Treasure Island

“Promoting Transparency and Integrity”



To collaborate with the city of Treasure Island to achieve common sense leadership driven by integrity and the taxpayers. 



  •  To educate and advocate to ensure sound public policy for the citizens of Treasure Island

  •  To provide voter engagement, grassroots organizing and legislative advocacy to educate and engage the community in its purposes.

  •  To conduct research designed to better improve communications with the public.

  •  To gather, analyze and disseminate data and public opinion research needed to assist in reaching the goals of the organization.

  •  To serve as a core organization to bring together citizens and representatives of other organizations which have common goals.

  •  To conduct fundraising activities for the production of revenues adequate to carry out the purposes of the organization.


Citizens’ Voice of Treasure Island ·

PO BOX 67284, St. Pete. Beach, FL 33736

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